The Bike has arrived

A happy me after taking ownership of my new bike ... but nervous as hell because it has been 7 years since I last used a motorbike

Ready to go. You can find more pictures at flickr

10.10.2009 13-56-45 Suzki Vstrom First Day.jpg10.10.2009 13-56-30 Suzki Vstrom First Day.jpg

The only accessories I have purchased so far are:

1. Boots

2. New Jacket

3. Crash Guard for bike which you can see in the photos

4. New Gloves

The owner of the shop was saying it was a A0 model, i.e not A9 (2009) but A0 (2010) … but I have no way to confirm this. My model was manufactured in August 2009. I went to the shop recently and all the 2010 models are in now, they are all September 2009.