Installing WordPress on OS X Leopard


There are many fine tutorials on the net for installing PHP, MySQL and WordPress on OS X.
The problem is none of them by themselves got wordpress working on Leopard.

I got it working on Tiger (OS X 10.4) by using the following article:

This article gives an excellent overview of installing PHP and MySQ, both of which are not included with Tiger. But with the introduction of Leopard (OS X 10.4) PHP 5 and Apache 2 are installed by default.
So to WordPress working we have to

1. Install MySQL from (use the 10.4 version, no 10.5 version yet)
2. PHP is installed, but not turned on. Turn it on and tell PHP about MySQL
3. Install WordPress

I did all of the above, but wordpress could not connect to the MySQL server. I could connect on the command line using the mysql interpreter, but PHP couldn’t connect through the socket.

By default the PHP socket is /var/socket
But MySQL on OS X uses /tmp/mysql.sock

; Default socket name for local MySQL connects. If empty, uses the built-in
; MySQL defaults.
;mysql.default_socket =

I changed the PHP.INI to the following:

mysql.default_socket = /tmp/mysql.sock
# Changed to get wordpress to work. /tmp/mysql.sock is required for PHP to connect to mysql

The article LAMP in Leopard OSX 10.5 (PHP5 and Apache 2.2)

The article mentioned how to turn on PHP.

Further Reading:

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