My old apartment

My old apartment in Yaeum-dong, Ulsan. It’s a little messy because I was in the process of moving out.

2006-08-27 Stephen's Yaeumdong apartment

As you can see it is quite spacious even with a single bed, sofa, large office desk, draws, clothes hanger and TV.
What you can’t see is a small combined bathroom / toilet, an enclosed balcony (from where the photo was taken).
If you look at the top right of the photo you can see the door which is the entrance to my apartment. There is a corridor from the front door to the bathroom. In that corridor is the kitchen with the fridge, microwave, gas stove and sink.

I arrived back in Australia on September 2nd, 2006
I now live in Hoppers Crossing, which is a suburb of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria.