School Trips

Next week all my students are off on school trips to various parts of Korea.
They will be away Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Unfortunally I will not be going with them. No holiday for me, I still have to turn up at school and prepare lesson plans. I actually get more work done at home but I still have to come to school even if there are no students.
I am not complaining (well, not much) because the people I work with at my school are great. This is the third school I have worked at in Ulsan and they have all been wonderful.
Compared to other Boards of Education in Korea, Ulsan is reallly good to work for.
Good news for Thursday, it is a holiday for the school. So I don’t have to turn up.?Ǭ† If the weather is good I shall go for a ride on my bicycle to see my old Haidong Gumdo instructor.
There is a great Mountain bike downhill section on the way back from his dojang. It is down a heavily forested steep hill?Ǭ† with the occassional hiker to dodge.