Bike Ride

Today, Tuesday the 10th, I went for a bike ride, 60 KMs

Since I haven’t ridden for a while my time was atrocious, 4h7m
I did my first 100km ride in that time! My excuse is I was sightseeing and I did ride up a mountain twice!
Then I drank some coke when I got back home and despite the fact I should feel very tired I am still wide awake at 4am.
So I will stay up all night, and catch the 6am bus to Seoul. Hopefully I will catch some sleep on the way there.

Around this time last year we had lots of snow here in Ulsan. Ulsan compared to Seoul is very warm. There are many years where there is very little or no snow. So for me last year was a great pleasure as I have seen snow less then 15 times in my entire life and all but one of those was in Korea!

2005-01-16 Songan Snowfall - Apartments 03