Yesterday I changed my webhosting company and created a new domain name.

My website is now called still exists and will continue to do so for some time.

But for now, my focus is on

My previous webhosting company was POWWEB.COM
I hated them!
Their userinterface was terrible. It took me at least 10 minutes to find out how to do things.
Then I wouldn’t need to do it for a few months by which time I had forgotten where it was.
It looks like they are now changing that, but too late for me.

For @ US $94 for one year I get 10 GB of disk space and 50 mysql/postgress databases.
As well as that they give me SSH access!
and it works prety well

I had to copy my wordpress installation from to
In theory I could use wordpress to restore a backup of my database and all would be well.
But it didn’t work

So I SSHed to my website and use mysql admin to import the database backup. It worked prefectly.
Without direct command line access I would have been unable to import my archives.

Below is a summary of what I did ls
./ ../ wp.sql mysqlshow -p
Enter password: #######

| Databases |
| wordpress |
+—————-+ mysql wordpress < wp.sql -p

Enter password: #######