It’s Big

It’s Big

Size does matter, 19″ inches of pure ….. monitor madness
I got my monitor yesterday and the difference from an old 17″ monitor is huge.

Most 19″ and 17″ monitors run at a resolution of 1280×1024 which is a hudge workspace.

The only problems so far, the monitor by default is very bright.
When I play movies I think I notice more pixilization.

But for games, web surfing and everyday work it is a sound investment.

I also purchased Feeddemon last night. I used my Korean Visa cards with zero problems to purchase it using esellerate credit card software. It took about a minute to check my card was valid and it then gave me a serial number for the software.

Feed Demon is an RSS reader for Windows. It integrates with an online RSS readers as well as the Macintosh. So you can go from your Pc to a Mac and back to the web and they are all syncronished automatically.
COST: US$ 29
By purchasing Feeddemon I also got a 2 year subscription to their Basic business service which is $19.95 a year. So I have already saved $10