Battlefield 2

Went for a bike ride today after school to do the rounds of the big department stores in Ulsan.
The local equivalent of Myers or Grace Brothers.
So I rock up in my grubby shorts and Tshirt. I looked a little out of place, especially in the cosmetics sections you have to walk through on the ground floor.

Anyway I was looking for a copy of Battlefield 2. I finally found it at HomePlus. They had three copies left.
So I ride back home, working up a huge sweat riding up the hill to my suburb.
I install the game and …. It tells me please insert CD 2

OK no problem, obviously some sort of copy protection.

I insert the CD and it does NOT recognise it!
What the fuck!
I purchased a legal copy of software, which I know works b/c I had an illegal copy before 🙂
And how do they treat their customer? not very well.
So I download a NO CD crack, which is probably a classed as a crime these days in the USA and I can now run the game.
But, it keeps crashing all the time!
The demo never crashed !
The pirated copy running single player did not crash.

So why all the hassle.

I guess this is what happens when you do the right thing!