TECHNICAL: Python on Powweb

TECHNICAL: Python on Powweb
I wanted to find out if Python (A programming language like PHP or Perl) could be run on my web provider, Powweb
It seems it can:

I just happened to check if Powweb supported Python scripts. I guess I can put up some scripts now.

* Python is installed on Powweb at /usr/local/bin/python

* It is version 2.2.2. I had to add:
AddHandler cgi-script py
to cgi-bin/.htaccess to get it to run. This apparently gets you execution through suexec, since I was able to run it with 700.

UPDATE, 17/2/2005 @ 2:32pm

I got Python working on my web service provider Powweb using the above technique. Some test scripts wouldn’t work with the ‘.py’ extension but ‘.cgi’ was fine. I think I need to modify something in my .htaccess file to read the .py extensions fine.

I ran a script SnakeCharmer on the server to see which modules were installed. I was impressed to find that they are running the latest Python version 2.4 and it looks like all the modules are installed.
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