I’ve got it

I got my iPod Mini last night after work. The colour is Silver. I was tempted by Pink, but I would have to wait for that , so I went with boring silver and I like it 🙂
I am very happy with it. The students like it very much. They were impressed with the scroll wheel that the iPod has. It is an excellent system. It only took me seconds to figure it out. I did miss some of the features you get by pressing the centre button. But I think I have discovered them all now.
Just in case I will read the manual to see if I have missed anything.

I am now working on creating audiobooks for the iPod. Basically you convert MP3 to AAC, then change the extension and you have an audio file which will remember where it was when you were last playing.
Very useful! So if you are sick of listening to your audio book, stop, play some music, then come back to the audio book and it will continue from where you last were.
I believe you can also see bookmarks in the audiobook as well, but I haven’t tried out that feature yet.

When opening the box for the iPod the installation CD said to Install software before installing iPod

Well being the consumate computer professional I am, I off course ignored the warning.
I plugged in the iPod, it appeared as a removable USB harddrive. Excellent!
boy, am I smart
So I install the software and reboot
and …. #$%WSAF it freezes during boot
oh … hmm … to cut a long story short, I booted into safe mode, uninstalled the iPod software, unplugged the iPod, rebooted, installed the iPod software, plugged in the iPod, formated the iPod as a windows iPod (FAT32 I assume) and now everything works wonderfully.