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Some interesting websites. (http://www.ianalbert.com/me/links.php)

Slashdot News for nerds.
BoingBoing My favorite ‘blog.
MetaFilter Community run ‘blog.
Gizmodo ‘Blog about the torrent of gadgets coming out.
Little Fluffy Industries ‘Blog of online Flash games. Indispensible for those needing to dispense of time.
Updated daily

Salon Excellent, excellent online magazine.
Straight Dope Answers to life’s important questions.
Brickbats at Reason Daily absurd (and angering) headlines.
Plastic Intelligent sociopolitical discussion and ‘blog site.
Odd Todd That one unemployed guy. Lots of daily updated content.
Engrish Examples of bad Japanese-to-English translations.
Moco Loco Contemporary design ‘blog. Shiny, angular interior design elements.
Songs to Wear Pants to Premise: people submit brief, bizarre song ideas, this guy records them. Fantastic site.
David Sirota A daily guest on the O’Franken Factor, his ‘blog dispels right-wing myths.
Updated MWF

Penny Arcade Video game themed comic strip.
Rock and Roll Confidential Home of the Daily Douchebag.
Updated every few days

Memepool Odd links to things that are odd and that are things.
5ives Lists of five things.
Bad News Hughes An inordinately enjoyable personal diary of indignities.
Updated weekly

The Onion The venerable satirical newspaper.
Book of Ratings Hilarious ratings of bizarre things, by one of them Brunching Shuttlecocks fellers.
Homestar Runner Funny, funny flash cartoons. Check out Strongbad Emails
Slow Wave Comic strip based on the crazy dreams of readers.
White Ninja Comics I can’t explain the appeal of this strip. Updated tuesdays and saturdays.
Updated monthly

Copper Excellent web comic. Needs to update more often!
Tinfoil.com Wax cylinder recording of the month. Listen to actual Edison cylinders from ~1900.
Updated next to never

Emotion Eric Eric conveys an emotion!