As you may or may not be aware this blog is run on WordPress, a PHP based system.

The current, stable version is 1.2.2 but I have decided to upgrade to 1.5 gamma

What does gamma mean?

Well if a program is still testing, but all the features are there and it is basically a sold product with just a few bugs then it is a beta

A Gamma version is one where the feature set is frozen. That is all the features for that version of the programs are in the program. But there migh be serious problems with the release. Once those problems are ironed out, then it becomes a beta, and then after a certain period of time, it is officially released.

The new look (aka ‘theme’) I am using is a little ugly, but it has the advantage of working in Both Internet Explorer and Firefox.
All the better themes seem to break in Internet Explorer. At this stage I am not sure why because my knowledge of CSS is virtually non exisistent.