New format for Blog

One word … W.O.W

I have seen the light! (No! Not God or the oncoming train)

       CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

What a wonderful design tool. I have just downloaded a new theme for my blog.
My blog runs on WordPress 1.5. WordPress uses a mix of PHP, HTML and CSS to display the page you are now reading.
With the update to the 1.5 version, there is a themes folder where you can ‘drop’ new themes into, select them and instant redesign of your website.

Very impressive and very easy. For someone like me who does not understand PHP or CSS (that will change) it was suprisingly easy to change the basics of the design.

So in the future, I expect you will see special themes for my website on special occassions, Christmas, Halloween, etc

Oh yeah, nearly forgot, the theme I use is Arzel XT2