Snow! Lots of it

Sunday (16th of January), woke up early (12 noon) and it was snowing!
The main shops near where I live


Surprisingly, it was not cold. In fact it was warmer then yesterday when I went on my bike ride.
So I made a snowman, picked snow fights with small children (and lost). Lots of fun.
Met a nice man, Mr Kim who works in the Engine division at Hyundai shipyards. He invited me for a tour of the shipyard.
I am excited about that. If I am allowed I will take pictures as I am sure dad would love to see pictures of such a huge factory.

Today is Monday and the snow has not melted and it still looks lovely. They have cleared the main roads of snow and salted it so cars will not spin madly when they go up hills.

More pictures —>
Update: It’s Friday the 20th. All the main roads are clear of snow, it has been swept to the side of the road where it will remain for a few more days. Some of the side roads are quite slippery in places where snow has been frozen into ice.