My new PC

On Christmas day I purchased a new Shuttle XPC SB81P SFF (Small Form Factor) PC.
Well it has problems, specifically when you turn off the PC it will not power back on.
The fans start up and spin at around 50% making a lot of noise and that is it .. nothing happens.
If I turn off the PC at the back or unplug the powercable then turn on the PC again, same thing.
The solution is to wait 15 – 30 minutes before turning on the PC ! .. yes, that’s right ! bloody annoying.

So the PC will be going in for repair. The Shuttle Repair centre for Korea is:
Sales Manager
Ki-Young, Song
Digital Pious
214/5-2rd Gayul,19Dong Najin 15-3
Hangangro2ga, Youngsangu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 02-703-0350~1 handphone: 019-595-6534

I purchased the PC at:

Easy Tech
Yongsan Electronic Market
phone: 02-712-7932

The salesman was very friendly and helpful.