Internet Explorer is a piece of s##t !

Been trying to get my website working properly in

Internet Explorer 6
It has 95% of the market because it comes with Windows. In terms of features it is the worst browser on the market. Also great for adding spyware, and other junk onto your computer.
In fact I still have some addware on IE that I can’t get rid of. I hate this browser.
It is 2004 and it still does not support TABS ! how backward can you be?

Opera 7.60 beta
A great browser feature wise, very low memory footprint (less then firefox), does not render all pages correctly. A real power users browser. But it takes time to learn how to use it effectively as there are options for everything as well as themes

Mozilla Firefox 1.0
The darling of the geek community.
Designed by minimalists, so a little ugly, but saved by it extensions and themes. A vibrant community produces enough themes and extensions that you could easily waste half an hour a day playing with them all.
As to standards, it has them all, I love it ! The best browser for web development and if you have more then 256mb of RAM the best browser.
If you have less then I recommend either Internet Explorer or Opera because they use less memory.