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Tax Time

I always use e-tax to do my Australian tax return.

For the last three years I have the same process:

1. Enter all the data that is relevant, then get an answer that says I owe the tax office money
2. Procrastinate for two or three months until finally I figure out what I have done wrong.
3. It seems I don’t fill in the medicare levy surcharge question which means by default I get charged it! ┬áDOH DOH
4. When I repeat this process next year I will see this note and get my refund in July, not October!

In summary, if you are using E-Tax don’t jump around and fill in the questions you know are relevant. Start at Q1 and finnish at the end.

hmm, its now 4:48 am DST (daylights savings starts today) .. time to hit the sack.