up and working

I finally got around to setting up again.

In December 2013 I went to Vietnam for a month and as one does you make major changes at the last momement As my hosting was finished with my Australian webhost I decided to move to squarespace which is a pretty cool service. But as soon as I did this I found my needs were moving in the opposite direction to what squarespace provides. So I cancelled my hosting with squarespace as I was not using it.

I now write my posts in Markdown and use a Python program call Pelican to covert the markdown to HTML which is then uploaded to the webserver. The advantage of this is the only server you need is the webserver. There is no program displaying your pages like Wordpress, no databases, no security problems.

Before changing over the website used to run under Wordpress. Wordpress is great, it is a PHP MySQL based blogging system. Web pages are stored in an mysql database and generated dynamically when someone wants to view it.

So now I have to learn a lot more about

    1. Python
    2. Markdown
    3. Automatic the uploading of my markdown posts to the web server

I have now changed my webhosting to hostgator and my domain is now registered with seems to be pretty good. I am hoping to report something similar with hostgator later.