Python 3 Virtual Environments

With Python 3.3 python has now rolled into the core a virtual environment package

I had set up a virtual environment in which to run Pelican. It is installed at:

**~/pelican***  which in Mac OS X translates to   **/users/stephen/pelican***

The easiest way to do this was

  1. Download and install from the Python site Python 3.4
  2. Go to the command line

    :::bash source ~/pelican/bin/activate [stephen@macmini] Sun Mar 02 ~ [5] 02:18:40--> pip3 install pelican Successfully installed pelican feedgenerator jinja2 pygments docutils pytz

    blinker unidecode six markupsafe

    Cleaning up... [stephen@macmini] Sun Mar 02 ~ [6] 02:22:22--> pip3 install markdown [stephen@macmini] Sun Mar 02 ~ [10] 02:25:43--> pip3 list blinker (1.3) docutils (0.11) feedgenerator (1.7) Jinja2 (2.7.2) Markdown (2.4) MarkupSafe (0.18) pelican (3.3) pip (1.5.4) Pygments (1.6) pytz (2013.9) setuptools (2.1) six (1.5.2) Unidecode (0.04.14)

To run the virtual environment

source ~/pelican/bin/activate

This now make Python 3.4 the default Python, pip3 can now be run by typing pip