Australia Day Long weekend

At the moment I am Mum's place. Until two days ago I had to be back at work on Monday.

Mum standing behind my motorcycle

That was a bit of a nuisance because Tuesday, is the Australia day public holiday.

Fortunately every three months at work you can ask for a flex day off and they must give it to you.

At the moment it looks like I will be riding back to Melbourne tomorrow afternoon (Sunday).

On the way up I encountered some strong crosswinds, well over 30km per hour. I nearly gave up on the ride because it took me a while to figure out how to deal with them (counter-steer)

Strong windings blowing the topsoil of the bottom of an empty lake Bolac. Normally it would be filled with sailboats, but no more due to the drought.

On December 29 last year I order some book from and they have been sitting here at mum's place for over a week. I am quite impresed at the speed of delivery from Americia.

I am happy with the order because I saved over $150. The books if I purchased in an Australian book store would have cost me around $260 which I find somewhat depressing.

By order from halfway around the world you can save a substantial amount of money. No wonder all the big non chain bookstores in Melbourne that I knew and loved have gone out of business.

From now on I will be ordering direct from the states, as long as our dollar is over 90 US cents of course!