Using Jupyter Notebooks in Atom

Be default Jupyter will generate a random token each time you run the server. You can change this.

  1. Generate a config file for Jupyter

--> jupyter notebook --generate-config

--> jupyter notebook --generate-config
Writing default config to: /Users/stephen/.jupyter/

Edit and find the line that says #c.NotebookApp.token = ''. Change it to say c.NotebookApp.token = 'my_secret_token', substituting your choice of token string. (If you skip this step, the token will change every time the notebook server restarts).

## Token used for authenticating first-time connections to the server.
#  When no password is enabled, the default is to generate a new, random token.
#  Setting to an empty string disables authentication altogether, which is NOT
#c.NotebookApp.token = '<generated>'
c.NotebookApp.token = 'my_secret_token'

Insert into Atom setting --> hydrogen

 "name": "Remote notebook",
 "options": {
   "baseUrl": "http://localhost:8888",
   "token": "frodo_lives"