Libraries are great! Free access to was recently acquired by Linkedln for $1.5 billion! produces training videos on many topics.

I  have found their courses on Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, MS Office, R and Python to be first rate. Monthly access to the site starts at US $25, so getting free access is a great deal.

This is web browser access only, so no access to the android or IOS apps , but for the price you really can't complain. You also get access to the sample files which you can download and follow along with the videos.

So how do you get access? ozbargain had a great article on "Free Access for Qld Library Members". Fortunately the comments showed free and legal access in my area:

tori on 11/04/2015

Eastern Regional Libraries Vic also has access. Really, check your local libraries and support them, it seems a few do have access.

Clicking on the link takes you to the Online Resources for Eastern Regional Libraries

Join the library and log onto

The first thing you must do is join the library which you can do online, once you have your library membership ID and PIN you can then access the full content of

Join the Library

Pretty straightfoward. For the PIN question I just typed in a random four digit number (no, not your credit card pin) and for the Library question I chose a random library. Once you are registered you will get an email with your username and pin. The pin is what you typed in the screen above.

Welcome to the Bayswater Library.

Your temporary User number and PIN are

ID WEB023023431

PIN 1234

This temporary User number will expire in three months. It allows you to reserve books and other items by placing holds on the Bayswater Library catalogue. You may also be able to use your temporary User number to access your library’s other online resources.

To log into click on the Search from Home link on the Online Resources for Eastern Regional Libraries page

But once you have logged into once you can ignore the library page and simply bookmark this page:


The ? tells that you are using the Eastern Regional Libraries subscription.

Step 2: Log into

The first thing you must do is join the library which you can do online, once you have your library membership ID and PIN you can then access the full content of

Log in to

Type in the Library Card Number and PIN from your email and your in like flynn.

Theme to make FoldingText look like WriteRoom

From Theme to make FoldingText look like WriteRoom

The folding text wiki states:

Themes are made from CSS/LESS rules that you put in your user.less file. To use a theme open FoldingText based app and:

  1. Choose the File > Open Application Folder menu item.

  2. Inside that folder open your existing user.less text file, or create a new one if none exists.

  3. Paste in the theme extensions CSS/LESS rules and save.

  4. Create a new document to see the theme applied.

What it doesn’t tell you is where to put the user.less file.

1. Click on the Folding text menu
2. Select Plug-In Manager. A dialog box will pop up
3. Click on the Open Plug-Ins Folder button
4. Finder will open, click on the path button and select FoldingText
5. The user.less file should be there in the FoldingText folder, feel free to modify it.

@inkColor: hsl(hue(green), saturation(green), 30%);
@paperColor: mix(black, white, 90%);
@deskColor: mix(black, white, 90%);
@indicatedColor: @inkColor;
@selectionBackgroundColor: mix(@textColor, @paperColor, 20%);
@focusedSelectionBackgroundColor: mix(@textColor, @paperColor, 25%);
@codeblockBackgroundColor: fadeout(@textColor, 85%);
::-webkit-scrollbar {
::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
  background-color: mix(@textColor, @paperColor, 25%);
  border: 3px solid transparent;
  border-radius: 9px;
  background-clip: content-box;

Synology 5.2 - Docker - R and iPython

After reading Macdrifter talking about the new Synology DSM 5.2 beta I thought why not.

Installed it, have been playing around with Docker which looks very interesting.

I installed the R Server and it works great.
Next up is iPython 3, there is even Anaconda Python available as a docker image :-)

docker run -i -t continuumio/anaconda3 /bin/bash

But alas this doesn’t work, you get the an error message telling you that -i and -t can’t be used.

I am assuming that rules out an interactive telnet or SSH session on Synology?  … I have got the time to do more research at the moment.

From the DSM 5.2 help, which is actually quite good:

  • Docker run supports the below parameters:
    • "d", "detach"
    • "e", "env"
    • "link"
    • "m", "memory"
    • "name"
    • "P", "publish-all"
    • "p", "publish"
    • "privileged"
    • "v", "volume"
  • Docker run does not support the below parameters:
    • "a", "attach"
    • "add-host"
    • "c", "cpu-shares"
    • "cap-add"
    • "cap-drop"
    • "cidfile"
    • "cpuset"
    • "device"
    • "dns"
    • "dns-search"
    • "entrypoint"
    • "env-file"
    • "expose"
    • "h", "hostname"
    • "i", "interactive"
    • "lxc-conf"
    • "net"
    • "restart"
    • "rm"
    • "security-opt"
    • "sig-proxy"
    • "t", "tty"
    • "u", "user"
    • "w", "workdir"


Just finnished watching the first season of “The Wire”
Loved it.

Had to watch it as it was refered to in the YouTube "Honest Trailers Breaking Bad” as the show white people won’t stop talking about.

Installing Pelican in Anaconda Python 3.42

As I have mentioned I am learning Python and I was sick of playing around with ipython configuration problems, so I just downloaded the Anaconda Python distribtution.

Anaconda uses a replacement for pip called Conda It is a good system, so I though I would just install Pelican through Conda. But no go, so back to PIP. Pip does work on Anaconda Python

So I installed Pelican with the --system-site-packages option. Anaconda Python already has all the pelican dependancies, so the only package installed is pelican itself.

When I was using’s Pelican 3.4 I installed all the pelican dependancies in the virtual environment. But in this case I can’t be bothered because Ananaconda has already done most of the work for me.

pyvenv --system-site-packages pelican
cd pelican
source bin/activate

pelican stephen$ python
Python 3.4.2 |Anaconda 2.1.0 (x86_64)| (default, Oct 21 2014, 17:42:20)
[GCC 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5577)] on darwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

pip install pelican
Downloading pelican-3.5.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl (514kB): 514kB downloaded
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): docutils in /Users/stephen/anaconda/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from pelican)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): pygments in /Users/stephen/anaconda/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from pelican)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): unidecode in /Users/stephen/anaconda/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from pelican)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): blinker in /Users/stephen/anaconda/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from pelican)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): pytz>=0a in /Users/stephen/anaconda/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from pelican)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): feedgenerator>=1.6 in /Users/stephen/anaconda/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from pelican)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): jinja2>=2.7 in /Users/stephen/anaconda/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from pelican)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): six>=1.4 in /Users/stephen/anaconda/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from pelican)
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): python-dateutil in /Users/stephen/anaconda/lib/python3.4/site-packages (from pelican)
Installing collected packages: pelican
Successfully installed pelican
Cleaning up...


After breaking my last chair (is someone telling me I am too fat?) I decided to buy a new chair.

It seems there is an official standard for chairs if you want a government or corporate contract. My chair meets it and has a seven year warranty compared with the standard one year warranty.

At time like this I wish I had a car. To get my chair I cycled 15km into the city and wheeled the chair and bicycle to the train station, took the train back home and then walked another kilometre back to my house.

Price(Inc GST):$390.00

Fully ergonomic office chair. 
Heavy duty
4 levers
Seat slide
Adjustable arms
Moulded back and seat
7 Year Warranty
140kg rated

When I was shopping for the chair yesterday I decided to have lunch at my favourite Korean restaurant. It had gone out of business, the inside was gutted … it felt a little demoralizing.
So I went to my favourite computer shop, the usual guys weren’t there and I was talking with salesman about business. He said the rent for the small shop was over AUD $200,000 per year.

That’s highway robbery, so wandered down another few doors to an old chinese restaurant I really liked near RMIT … it had bloody closed, in its place another Korean restaurant :-(
In disgust  I wander back down the street and ate at the big Korean restaurant .. yummy


One of today's goals was to reinstall pelican on my Mac.

Mission accomplished!!!

So I though I would let pelican upload itself onto my webhost at

One problem, I f$#ked up and it updated at the root level , i.e.

aah, no problem you think, just delete the pelican files and all the wordpress files from my main site will be there.

True, but I have pelican set up so that it deletes everything before uploading. Obviously something I will have to change later.


Just purchased a Toshiba 13.3" CB30-002 for AUD$243, when I take the GST off at the airport ($24) that brings it to a total cost of $219! This includes $100 gb of google drive storage for two years (currently $24 per year). So the actual cost for the hardware is only $171!

I am going to use it on my upcoming trip to Vietnam for my photos. It has an SD card slot, so I can transfer photos from my camera to a portable hard drive and also upload them to google drive at night at the hotel.

Unlike the first world, Vietnam has great cheap internet Wi-Fi everywhere. So my photos should be home before I am.

Intel® Celeron® processor N2955U (Dual Core 1.4GHz, 1600MHz FSB, 2MB L2 Cache)
Operating System    Chrome OS
Screen Size 13.3" Widescreen HD LED Backlit Display (1366 x 768)
Resolution  1366 x 768
Screen Aspect Ratio 16:9
Memory  DDR3L 1600Mhz 2GB OnBoard
RAM slot allocation Memory not expandable
Storage 16GB SSD(iSSD)
Graphics    Intel® HD Graphics
Audio   3.5mm combined stereo Headphone/Mic jack
Sound   Stereo speakers
Webcam  HD Webcam/Microphone
Buttons and Pointing device Touchpad with Gesture
Compliance  EPEAT® gold rating, ENERGY STAR® 5.0 qualified, ROHS Compliant
Standard Warranty*  1 Year limited parts and labour warranty in Australia & New Zealand
Software    Google and Android Apps - Google Chrome, Google Docs, Google+, Gmail™, Google Maps™, Google Store™, YouTube™, Calendar, Play Books, Play Magazines
USB Ports   2x USB 3.0 Ports
Bridge Media Adaptor    SD Slot
HDMI    Yes
Wireless LAN    802.11(a/g/n) (300Mbps)
Integrated Bluetooth™   Toshiba Bluetooth™ V4.0
DLNA    DLNA Compatible
Weight (from)   1.50kg
Battery Up to 9.8 hours*
Dimensions (W x D x H(front/back))  328.6 x 227 x 20.2mm
Colour Variation    Ice Silver
Keyboard Colour Tile Matt Black