Installing Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard install disk, originally uploaded by Stephen Hucker.

I am in the process of installing Snow Leopard.

But I forgot to back up my #$%$@ itunes library file
– no fracking favorites or ratings

Hopefully I have backedup my vmware windows xp image or more work 🙁

UPDATE: My vmware images are all fine ..  that saved my a lot of work
Quicktime is a mixed bag, you can now save videos and make screencasts without paying for the professional version, but it is a typical Apple strategy. Make the basic stuff easy which fits mosts consumers, but take out some of the useful power user features that were in Quicktime 7

  • In my case that would be the ability to extract H264 video and AC3 audio from an MKV container and store it in a MP4 file that is playable on a Playstation 3.

On the plus side:

  • The other thing I wanted, which is very basic, but you had to buy the professional version before was to be able to go to the Apple movie trailers site and after watching a trailer, save it!  You can’t get more basic then that, finally Apple let you do that for free

    One last thing, with Snow Leopard there is no way to do an archive and install. I liked this option b/c you can do a clean install of the operating system and then when you remembered you forgot to backup an important  setting …no stress, it’s in the archive.