I want that …

Nice Bike … one day I want one.

Because it is a foldable bike, it needs small wheels (20″) if you want it to be able to fold it up into a small space This means you need a long seat post and handlebar post then on a normal bike.

Bike Friday Pocket Llama

Compare the 700c road bike frame size versus the Bike Friday

Bike Friday Pocket Llama vs 700c bike


Went to the Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club meeting last night.
They had a talk about a 30 day trip in Indonesia

and more importantly they had a talk from the GalFromDownUnder


She is a Evangelist for Bike Friday, a small custom bicycle manufacturing company in the USA.

She demonstrated one of the new models and I was quite impressed. One of the guys at the meeting had one as well.

They make some great bikes, so have a look , you won’t be disappointed.

There is a film night in about two weeks which features two films that the GalFromDownUnder has made, so I will pop along to that.