Getting a car licence

When I was 18 I didn’t get my licence on my 18th birthday (the earliest you can get a full licence)
Why? .. the police station was closed.

I did it the day after.

My friend William has been a PR (Permanent Resident) in Australia now for over 3 years.
He did not bother to get his licence. Now he is unemployed and he needs a licence to get a job.
If he had a license he would have a job within the week.

The problem is it is much harder to get a licence now then when I was 18.

My licence test consisted of driving past the local primary school, out into the countryside where the policeman’s house was and the back to the police station.
Total time: 10 minutes
Bad Points: Was told off for speeding past the school
Result: Pasted by a country mile!

I did after all grow up in a small country town, and a country mile is not that far 🙂

My friend on the other hand has a much more difficult proposition. The current test ia about 20 minutes and it is very easy to make a mistake and fail.
Which he has, three times.
Once for speeding for more then 5 seconds (around 43 in a 40km zone)
Second time, when at a stop sign failing to wait 3 seconds before proceeding through.
and the third time … I have forgotten.

His last chance comes in a little over a week. If he fails then he has to wait 3 months before taking another test and the test will consist of a 50 minute drive.