Stuff to give away

Since I am leaving Ulsan. I have to get rid of:

(1) Coffee table: old, scratched, bending a little in the middle of the table from the weight of the TV

Coffee Table

(2) Chest of Draws: From HomePlus, plastic, OK condition

2006-07-27 My Room, Yaeumdong 03

(3) Desk: 2nd hand, need to glue on side cover (which I have), Very good desk.
2006-07-27 My Room, Yaeumdong 01

(4) Clothes Hanging thing – From homeplus, good!
2006-07-27 My Room, Yaeumdong 02

(5) Book case: From Homeplus, good condition


(6) wait, there is more ! I also have

Desk with 3 plastic 50l storage boxes

a desk with 3 plastic 50l storage boxes

(7) A Tent

(8) A Rubber raft

Rubber Boat