Schedule for remainder of Korean Sojourn

The end is nigh.

I have booked passage for the colonies, arriving

8:55 am on Singapore Airlines flight SQ 237 on the 2nd of September

School finishes up on the 19th of July. This is the summer vacation for Yaeum Middle School where I work.
Technically I am not entitled to a vacation as I have already used up my allocated holidays. The school has not yet told me if I am working. But it looks like I am as free to do as I want until August 24th.

My friends in Ulsan who work at another school and at a teacher training centre have a different schedule to me.
At Ulsan Language Academy where I used to work they are teaching teachers in the summer holidays. When the holiidays end they will join me working at the schools below.

On August 24th I have to work at various schools

August 24th – Chungryang middle school
August 25th – Dukwang middle school
August 28th – Woongchon middle school
August 29th – Kangdong middle school

So on the 30th I will clean up my apartment. The 31st I will travel to Seoul and have a last look around.
Then I will fly out on the 1st of September for Singapore.