Last day of July

Today is the last day of July so I went out and did some shopping.
I purchased Shimano-SH-SD65-Cycling-Sandals for 88,000 won. In Australia they are $170 !

Thebiggest size in the shop is42/43 (the next biggest being 44/45). My old shimano shoe is size 45. But this shoe being a sandle does not compress the toes as much as a normal cycling shoe would. Cycling shoes are normally narrower then normal sports shoes.

My little toes are a bit crushed in the shoe, but the same thing happens in my other shimano shoe. Anyway time will tell if this was a good purchase decision or not.




I also purchase some wrap around sport sunglasses which has an insert on the nose ridge where you can put a pair of tiny prescription glasses. Total price – less then 100,000 won.

Much cheaper then Australia!



My injured tendon on my right knee is still giving me trouble, a week after I injured it. I can now walk freely (except going down stairs) but I still get pain when I cycle.

I am now sitting at my desk and there is a dull pain coming from the tendon area in my knee. It not bad pain, but I just want to be rid of it, so I can get on with life and enjoy the rest of my stay here in Korea.