Easily mispronounced domain names

From http://www.grupthink.com/poll/22

These domains can be pronounced in different, often amusing ways

1. Therapistfinder.com
(No description provided)

2. Penisland.net
(No description provided)

3. Powergenitalia.com
Italian power company

4. Molestationnursery.com
(No description provided)

5. Expertsexchange.com (now changed to Experts-Exchange.com)
(No description provided)

6. Whorepresents.com
“A quick reference guide to & for representatives”

7. Mp3shits.com
(No description provided)

8. Lumbermansexchange.com
Lumberman’s Exchange, Now defunct, archive here: http://web.archive.org/web/…change.com/

9. Askart.com 05-02-06
askart.com – The American Artists Bluebook – However, depending on how you pronounce the domain name, it can sound like ‘AssCart.com’

10. Thepenismightier.com 04-27-06
From PurplePorpoise at Metafilter.

11. Fagray.com/ 05-01-06
F.A. Gray – Paint & Wallpaper

12. Cummingfirst.com 04-27-06
Cumming First United Methodist Church, in Cumming, Georgia. From tellurian at Metafilter.

13. Mofo.com 04-27-06 1 Comment
Morrison & Foerster legal firm. From telluroan at Metafilter.

14. Truckersexpress.com 05-03-06
Truckers Express: A specialized Heavy Haul industry leader. With 650 trucks and over 1400 hundred trailers, our Owner / Operators can get… Vote!

15. Google 05-02-06

16. Regalcock.com 04-27-06
A fromer Canadian Parliamentarian website. From raider at Metafilter.

17. Nagiosexchange.com 04-25-06
(No description provided)

18. Mywebos.com 04-26-06
You do need to know Spanish to get this one.

19. Machome.com 04-27-06
Macho who? From darakpony at Metafilter.

20. Nycanal.com
From Mayor Curley at Metafilter.

21. Gasheating.co.uk
From dmt at Metafilter

22. Agedwards.com
Do they really want to be know as aged wards?

23. Butthatsnotall.co.nz
The AdMan “as seen on TV” site in New Zealand. Is a “Butt-hat” a wearable item, and is “snot-all” more or less than “sweet F.A.”?

24. Goredforwomen.com
“As seen on magazine advertizements and billboards near you.” From blindcarboncopy at Metafilter.

25. Newsextracts.com
News Extracts, “reland subsidiary of the Sweden based Observer AB Group, the world leader in media and journalist contact databases,

26. 4fastinkjets.com
Mmm… stinkjets. From staggernation at Metafilter.

27. Madearmotherstouch.com
I couldn’t make any sense out of this one. From suitcase at Metafilter.

28. Stlouiswomansexchange .com
When will people learn to stop putting *sexchange in thier domains? From limeonaire at Metafilter.

29. Rebelscum.com
From MrBadExample at Metafilter.