Mac Mini Redux

The Mac mini is an interesting product compared to my big ugly pc.
The CPU on my pc runs at about 45 degrees celsius. The Mac Mini idle temperature is 53 c !
When I ran a DVD ripping program it averages 68 degrees with a maximum of 72 degrees!

Pretty hot. The pc in the midst of DVD ripping hits about 58 degrees.

My Mac at the moment only has 512 memory which is worse then running Windows XP with 256 mb of RAM.
But the Core Dual and Mac OS X are pretty impressive. I was running the DVD rip program at 100% on both CPUs and I decided to watch the DVD I was ripping! It actually worked!
The important thing being not the CPU utilisation but the amount of free memory. The dvd ripping program dropped to 150% cpu, ( one and a half of the dual cores)

Unfortunately for me I just saw the specs for the New Mac Powerbooks, or Macbooks as they call them now.
Basically it is a Mac Mini with a screen + an isight camera.
Perhaps I should have been more patient and waited for the macbooks to come out as I knew they were coming. But I don’t think so. It will probably take months for them to arrive in Korea. When they do arrive there will be no options to upgrade the harddrive or RAM which is extremely frustrating.