My Mac has arrived :-)

My little Mac Mini has arrived and I have to work ….. 🙁

I have two lessons with an hour break in between, so I know what I shall be doing on my break.

Update: It works and I am pretty happy with it.
As to OS,X I am not that excited because I have seen it before on my G3 ibook. But a glacier is faster then the G3 so it will be nice to have a machine which can run OS X properly.
It will be even better when I upgrade the RAM

So the order of events for tonight is

1. Order pizza
2. Get Coke, and not that girly diet crap, the real man’s coke with sugar
3. Transfer my photos over to iphoto
4. Transfer my music over to the Mac
5. Stay up to the sun rises and think “Why did I do that?”

Repeat the above, sans coke and pizza