I have spent much of this weekend playing with WordPress. WordPress is the blog software that powers what you are reading now.
They have just introduced some new features which makes it easier for non programers. I have been using these new widgets and they are a lot of fun.
It really cuts down on having to edit PHP files.
So good job, WordPress

Have also been doing some research on pingbacks and tracebacks. I am not sure yet if it is working properly on my blog. By all accounts it should. I found a very help article on the subject at http://www.optiniche.com/blog/117/wordpress-trackback-tutorial/

Test traceback to pesonal weblog

One Reply to “WordPress”

  1. Well, it certainly appears that pingbacks are working for you. After seeing your pingback, I thought I should pop in, say hello and thank you for the link love 🙂

    ~ Teli