Am continuing my Gumdo training.
Unfortunally my foot still aches from when I badly sprained my ankle late October, 2004.
The ankle is 99% OK, it does hurt a little when you stress it, especially lateral stress, but the underside of the foot and the side of the arch is annoying.

Hopefully as I loose weight it will improve.

May 28 is the Haidong Gumdo Championshiops for Ulsan, Gyangnamsamdo
So I have two months  to get into shape and achive competence in my technique

July 26 is the World Haidong Gumdo Championships.
I believe that the summer holidays start July 20th, so if I don’t have any english camps then I shall attend.

My instructor believe that I can attain my black belt by June if I work hard.

I think … I have to work hard.

Note to self, don’t write at 2 am in the morning. It destroys any semblance of grammar, spelling accuracy and style.

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  1. Hi Stephen:

    I “feel your pain”, as they say. I turned my ankle inside out 35 years ago when coming down with a rebound my foot landed on top on another player’s. The doctor said it was too bad it hadn’t broken because the tissue damage was so severe that it probably would bother me the rest of my life. He was right. Anytime I do really strenuous exercise that stresses my ankle – like the 5 hour climb/hike through Bukhansan I took a couple weekends ago — it gets very sore to the slightest touch and swells up. The most disconcerting thing is that the tendons/ligaments that wrap around the outside of the ankle feel like rubberbands that have pretty mcuh lost their elasticity. I also find, though, that the more active I am, the less it all bothers me. The essential thing is to build back up aggressively but prudently.

    BTW, how long have you been practicing that you can take a dan test in another three months?

    Also which of the two HDGD associations are you affiliated with – Daehan or WHDGDF?

    I’m planning to go to the July meet – just to watch, and maybe I’ll come down to Ulsan next in May if you’re testing then and want an english-language cheering section.

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