Am continuing my Gumdo training.
Unfortunally my foot still aches from when I badly sprained my ankle late October, 2004.
The ankle is 99% OK, it does hurt a little when you stress it, especially lateral stress, but the underside of the foot and the side of the arch is annoying.

Hopefully as I loose weight it will improve.

May 28 is the Haidong Gumdo Championshiops for Ulsan, Gyangnamsamdo
So I have two months  to get into shape and achive competence in my technique

July 26 is the World Haidong Gumdo Championships.
I believe that the summer holidays start July 20th, so if I don’t have any english camps then I shall attend.

My instructor believe that I can attain my black belt by June if I work hard.

I think … I have to work hard.

Note to self, don’t write at 2 am in the morning. It destroys any semblance of grammar, spelling accuracy and style.

Battlefield 2

I have had a lot of problems with Battlefield 2 lately. It seems the problems are now at an end.

I purchased the add on pack, Euro Forces last week and when I tried to install it it said it would not decrypt.
I tried it on 3 computers and exactly the same thing happened, ruling out my pc as the problem
Then one day it just worked !

Off course then another problem poped up… When I went to install it could not find the Battlefield 2 directory!
After banging my head against the wall  without finding a solution I decided to uninstall the program.

oops … it wouldn’t do it …. so I had to manually uninstall

Then reinstall it and finally it works, one week after I purchased it!

I am not impressed with with EA software.
I am still running a cracked CD b/c the original CD would not let me run the game!

Anyway, how is the actual game?  pretty good, but is it worth the 6 or so hours of research to get the software working?