Performancing and Google Video

This is a test post using Performancing a blog editor that is integrated into Firefox.
What does it do?
Lets say you find an interesting web page and you want to copy its content to your blog.
All you have to do is hit F8 (or click on an icon) and a rich text editor pops up within firefox. You can then type/paste in what you want to say and click on the Publish To button and that’s it! Your have published your blog entry. Very quick and simple
You can concentrate on what you want to write rather then how to, which is how good software should be written.

Google Video

Until recently Google Video was not available in Korea. Google video lets you play videos that people and companies have uploaded to Google. When you play the videos they are shown on your PC as flash videos reguardless of their original format.
Basically there are lots of stupid time wasting fun videos floating around on google now that you can watch.
But if you want you can upload a video that you have made. It could be a wedding, something at work, etc.
Google Video gives you the opportunity to share large videos with your friends easily. I certainly shall be using it in the future.