My first Korean apartment

Since arriving in Korea I have lived in three different apartments or “villas”. A Villa is usually a three to five story apartment building as distinct from the ten stories plus apartment blocks you see all around Korea.

In a “my” villa there were six apartments per floor. In the photo below you can see the stairwell and the open door to my apartment.

2003-08-29 My Apartment 01

Below is the front door to my apartment. At the back you can see the door to the toilet / shower.

2003-08-29 My Apartment 02

You can see the bathroom door at the far left and on the far right is the glass door to the balcony / laundry.
In front of the laundry you can see my bed poking out of the corner

2003-08-29 My Apartment 05

Here you can see the “bedroom”

2003-08-29 My Apartment 06

In the background you can see the kitchen and the front door to the left of it. in the middle of the picture is my bed. In the foreground is the glass door to the laundry where this shot is taken and the blue / greenish chair / table is in the bottom right of the picture.

2003-08-29 My Apartment 08

View from the “bedroom” of the TV/ DVD and kitchen.

2003-08-29 My Apartment 09

A self portrait of myself in the bathroom / toilet which is very small.

2003-08-29 My Apartment 11 - Toilet & Bathroom