Opps … another vacation

After that long, ever so long Winter vacation, I imagined that there would not be many vacatons for quite some time.
So image my suprise after a mere 7 days at school I am told it is time for Spring Vacation.

Lets see I come back to school on Feb 9, a thursday for a short two day week.
Then have a normal week on the 13th, come back on the 20th and see my students cleaning my classroom at 11 am in the morning. Something was strange.
Not the fact that the students were cleaning. That is how things are done in Korea, no professional cleaners coming in after school, it is the students job with teachers supervising.
At my school this happens at 3:30 pm and they leave school around 4 pm
So I asked one of the teachers why they are cleaning so early and I was told about Spring Vacation.