Friday, 2nd December
Friday night I decided to visit my friend who works in a shop in Songnamdong. After riding there I discovered the shop in the nearly empty. My friend told me that the owner is closing the shop and he is moving back to Daegue where he will start work Monday working in car detailing (painting).
I was quite shocked. He is one of my few Korean friends, and now he is gone 🙁
After saying goodbye, I went and saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on Friday. It is the best movie in the series yet.
It marks the transition to a darker more adualt theme with characters dying within the first few minutes of the film.
The special effects are wonderful and more importantly are not there to cover up a lack of story or acting. The script is very tight and the acting excellent.
I would recommend this to anyone, except very young kids who might get frightened.

Saturday, 3rd December
Saturday afternoon I couldn’t study so I went window shopping at Lotte Department store.
To my amazement they actually had in stock the new Apple iPods, the Nano and the iPod Photo and at offical Apple prices.
So next time I need an iPod product I shall visit the store.