Holiday News

My holiday with the exception of a few minor mishaps has gone well.
I will be travelling to Sydney next Tuesday, the 30th so I can catch the plane to Korea on the 31st.

I previously had book a flight arriving in Sydney at 7:20 am.
But that only leaves one hour to clear security, catch a bus to the international terminal and board the plane.
That is cutting it to fine. I missed the plane to Melbourne on my arrival in Australia. I don’t want to repeat the experience.

Big News

I will be working at a new school this year. Its name is Yaum Middle School.
It was only built last year, it is a co-ed middle school.

I will be teaching
10 first year classes
10 second year classes

The contents of my apartment will be moved to a new apartment near the school.
I was given a choice of staying in my old apartment but I declined, but not without a little soul searching and regret.
I have friends in Sung-un-dong, free internet from a friend in the same building, which I only installed days before I left !!!
Lastly but not least, I have a wonderful Haidong Gumdo instructor who’s dojang is only a few hundred metres away.
I don’t know if I will be able to continue training there. To do so I would have to ride 5 or 6 km and then do a 1 km hill climb to the dojang. In summer this is Ok, but what happens with bad weather, heavy rain and snow?

The alternative off course is to stay where I am now. But this means riding to school every weekday. Now since this is downhill this is not really a big problem. A fast ride to work, shower, change cloathes and I am ready for action.
The downside is riding back to Seongdong, the same problem as riding to the dojang, and off course bad weather.

Still I think of this as an opportunity:
– I will get to work with Middle School Studens which should be wonderful.
– I will make more friends at the new, bigger school
– I will get to know this part of Ulsan much better because it will be my training ground for bicycle rides
– It is very close to Ulsan Grand Park which is great for roller blading and mountain biking.
Actually the park is really cool, because it has nice trails in the hill behind the park, not too technical, but some of the make me nervous which should help me increase my skill level or break my neck 🙂

– Have to make more effort to keep in contact with my old school and friends from Seoungdong
– Haidong Gumdo: need to make decision about where and when to train.

Written in Werribee Plaza at DoDo Internet store