Had my last visit with the Physio on Thursday.
He said that my ankle / calf had improved a lot.
When I first saw him the tendonitis in my ankle (inner ankle bone) had caused my calf muscle (the inner bit) to be stiff.
Now it is much better, but it feels worse the last few days then it did last week!

When you are walking normally or cycling it is OK.
But when you run, jump, move laterally (sideways) like in basketball, then it hurts.
Not a sharp shooting pain, not even the pain like with a bruise, but more a tightness.
Very annoying !

Anyway I have to do three things to help my ankle and it hopefully with be back to normal.

1. Stretch the legs/hips, especially the calf muscle
2. Do strengthing exercises for the injured area.
3. Losing some weight probably wouldn’t hurt.

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