My Wiki

Well as mentioned before I was deciding which Wiki was best for me.
Well I have decided, DokuWiki is the winner!

You can see it here,

Not exactly very exciting is it?
So what will I use it for? Basically as a place to store all my notes on a particular subject. When I get new information I can update the Wiki easily.
Why not use my blog for this (what you are reading now) ? Mainly because a blog is not designed to be used as a reference source. It is wonderful as a diary where the latest entry is at the top and old entries are at the bottom. But that means this post which is at the top of the blog when I first wrote it will soon disappear from the front page.

When you run a reference site you want it to be like a book.
You know if you go to Chapter 2, it will always be in the same place. Wikis are like that. But unlike books you can easily update each ‘chapter’

What is a Wiki? –>