My Korean Wedding

No, not my wedding, my first Korean wedding.
Their wedding …. congratulations to the happy couple

My Haidong Gumdo instructor getting married

My Haidong Gumdo instructor got married on Sunday, 27th of March.
It is very different to the weddings I have attended in Australia.

In Australia the wedding is usually held in a small church close to where one of the couple lives. If the couple are not religious then a celebrant conducts the wedding (instead of a priest) and the wedding is not at a church, but in a park, or even in someones backyard!

In Korea it is different.
There are these hudge multi-story wedding halls scattered around each city.
You book a hall on one of the floors for about 90 minutes. You have the wedding.
Then you leave and the next wedding group files in, sort of a wedding production line.

When you arrive at the wedding hall there is a table in front of the hall where the wedding is. At the table are people who sign you in and accept the gifts for the couple (cold hard cash in an envelope)

More pictures of the happy event

My first snowfight

Korean weather is weird.
I thought that winter was over! Yet from February through now it has seemed colder then December or January.
Last Saturday night the East coast of Korea, particularly the Busan-Ulsan corridor received a very heavy snowfall.
A lot of the snow had melted by Sunday, then froze again on Sunday night making conditions for motorists treacherous.
So what has this got to do with a snowfight?
Well there was snow at school on Monday. After lunch some of the students had a snowfight. Since I have never been in a snowfight I had to join in.

One word –> F.U.N