Second day of vacation:

Got up at 11 am and decided to cycle to Carrefour (a French department store). So wasting no time 🙂 I am on my bike and off a mere three hours later.
Wanting to continue this breakneck pace I decide to take a shortcut through the hills around song-an.
Numerous scatches from wading through frozen rice paddies which are infested with long brown grass and wigs as well as frozen water.
The realization that the ‘shortcut’ is in fact not a shortcut. My goal, the main road is close, but in which direction I do not know.
Finally reason, makes me backtrace my route and go back to my start point. All this in 5 KM and one hour of travel through the ‘sticks’ of Ulsan.
Then when I get to Carrefour the bicycle racks are the usual poor design in which you can not lock your bike properly. This is not a criticism of Korea. We have the same poor design back in Australia.
So I lock my bike to a tree, problem solved 🙂
Walking into Carrefour the lady at the main entrance takes my backpack off me, I suppose in case I should be inclined to steal something. I hate that attitutude. Home Plus (A British department store) lets my walk right in, as does Wal-Mart.