Bad Habbits

Lately I have been getting in the habbit of staying up very late. The last three days I went to sleep at 5am, 4am, 4:10am !
That is bad enough, but I have been getting up at noon. So most of the day is gone.
So I have decided to go back to my old working habbits.
In bed by Midnight and up at 7 am

Today is the changeover day. The best strategy would have been to get about three hours of sleep and get up. But I knew I would oversleep.
So I decided not to sleep on Sunday night.

Went for a bike ride at 5am to get some coke. For some strange reason I was feeling sleepy!
Being up at that hour reminded me of home. You could see the sun would rise in the next hour or so. The air was fresh and the early shift workers were up and driving to work. I love that time of day.