Haidong Gumdo Grading

Saturday week I have a Haidong Gumdo grading.
I am really looking forward to it. My ankle has recovered sufficently that I can now run across the road, ride the bike, etc without serious pain. But there is a small pain on the inside of my left ankle near the bone that sticks outs and my ankle is still swollen, although greatly reduced.
Hopefully the swelling will go down over the next month or two.

Anyway I have two ‘forms’ to learn as well as two of the smaller forms which are similar to two and three step sparring in Taekwondo/Karate
This week I will have them memorized and next week I can concentrate on improving my form.
The ankle and my knees limit me to some extent because with two months of no exercise I have lost a lot of muscle mass. My legs which once were rock hard, are not like jelly.