First Big bike Ride for 2005

I was reading the Ulsan Pear, December 2004 issue and it mentioned that there was a building with lots of computer shops in it.
Obviously I had to find it, as Ulsan is really lacking in good computer stores.
So how to get there? Well its a perfect excuse to go for a ride. It was my first big bike ride for 2005. I was worried about how my ankle would hold up, but it seems fine. When I say big, I really mean small. It was only about 20km.
I rode from Songan to the “Parking Garage”, Samsan dong.
The computer stores were pretty good. 1GB flash ram sticks were going for 130,000 won.
Unfortunally no one had 200GB SATA hard drives.

I also stopped off at the Lotte Department store and saw some of my students in the Blood bank bus. They were just about to go into the cinema to watch a Korean film. They looked strange without their school uniform.
I was thinking about donating blood, but I had to ride back later and it was probably not a good idea to give blood and exercise heavily.