Christmas Day

Christmas without the family has no meaning 🙁
It is just another day, another day to go shopping.
So I went to Seoul. Caught the 9:30 am bus and arrived in Seoul around 2 pm. Went to COEX mall to pick up my Apple Ibook, but it was not ready for repair.
I had rung them on Wednesday or Thursday and they said it was ready to pick up. But when I got there they told me they were still waiting for a new mainboard.
They did send me an email on Thursday, but I missed it. So they promised to freight it down to me when it is ready. Postage in Korea is really cheap so that is not a big problem.
Went to Yongsan Electronic market and ended up purchasing a new computer. Then took the train to Seoul Express bus terminal and got the 9pm bus back to Ulsan.

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