Korean swearing

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he yells at me in Korean ?™¬??ì?¨?íÀÜ?´¬Å¬º?¨‚Ä¢¬º! mother fucker. I immediately grabbed him by his jacket, lifted him up and threw him down on the hood of his car while yelling at him ?´¬¨¬¥?¨?†¬® ?¨?íÀÜ?´¬Å¬º?¨‚Ä¢¬º! What kind of fucker, ?™¬??ì?¨?íÀÜ?´¬Å¬º?¨‚Ä¢¬º! mother fucker, ??‚Ä¢?ì?™¬µ¬??¨?íÀÜ?´¬Å¬º?¨‚Ä¢¬º! Korean fucker.
the translations here are not word for word translations but more of a translation of general meaning and intensity of the swears. While they may not be technically accurate I believe the emotional impact of the words are correct.